Spanish – basic level A2

Course Access: 120 days access
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24 live online sessions – with a teacher

+200 exercises



Choice 1 
Wednesday and Friday – 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Choice 2
Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM


BASIC LEVEL A2: Take Your Spanish to the Next Level!

Ready to level up your Spanish skills? Our Basic Level A2 course is perfect for students who want to build on their existing knowledge and gain confidence in speaking, writing, and understanding the language.

In this course, you’ll learn to write sentences and simple texts while mastering the essential grammar rules of Spanish. You’ll also gain the skills to identify the main parts of a text, including verbs, nouns, adjectives, and articles. With our expert instructors, you’ll become a pro at verb conjugation with tenses and modes and learn new vocabulary related to your daily life, from interactions to presentations, from family to school, and from home to work.

ORAL EXPRESSION: Speak Spanish Like a Native!

Get ready to impress! Our course will help you master the art of oral expression and become a confident Spanish speaker. You’ll learn to introduce yourself and others, ask for and give personal information about your house, belongings, and acquaintances. Plus, you’ll be able to understand and use everyday expressions of frequent use, including sensitive phrases aimed at satisfying immediate needs.

Through simple dialogues like greetings, self-introductions, and descriptions of people, things, and places, you’ll hone your communication skills and build your confidence in speaking Spanish. Our experienced instructors will provide personalized feedback and support every step of the way.

Join our community of Spanish learners and take your skills to the next level with our Basic Level A2 course.

¡Vamos a hablar español!


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