Institut Lope de Vega



The Lope de Vega Institute in Haiti is the ultimate reference for learning Spanish. Founded in 1957 by Dr. Louis G. Lamothe who was inspired by the Spanish writer Félix Lope de Vega, this institute has trained thousands of students over 60 years. Its methodology is based on total immersion, a technique recognized worldwide for its effectiveness. In addition, the Lope De Vega Institute is one of only two institutions whose certificates and accreditations are officially recognized in Haiti and abroad.


Today, the Lope de Vega Institute goes even further by developing a complete and efficient online platform, in order to meet the needs of the "new normal" of distance learning. This platform is accessible to everyone and offers opportunities for learning new languages ​​and developing skills to reach new heights.

Additionally, to bolster its innovative efforts, the institute plans to proudly launch a mobile app soon. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this application will allow more people to discover the outside world, offering a tool to learn and practice different languages. Among these, the practical and simplified learning of Spanish which will allow all those who wish to use the language of Cervantes on a daily basis, to express themselves, to converse, to translate and to write, thus opening the door to new opportunities, no matter where they live.