Institut Lope de Vega


The Lope de Vega Institute is a reference in Haiti thanks to its 100% integral learning method of the Spanish language. It has been used to train more than one since 1956. Inspired by the Spanish writer and novelist Felix Lope De Vega, Louis Lamothe founded this institute with which he succeeded in creating a method of learning the Spanish language that has proven itself over the years. "My First Spanish Book" remains a reference in Haiti for thousands of students who have taken courses at the Lope De Vega Institute.


Today, in order to take this method further and to satisfy the needs related to the "new normal" with online learning, the institute is developing and making available to all an efficient and complete online platform in addition to offering opportunities to all those who want to learn a new language and increase their ability to reach new heights. In addition, to reinforce its innovative efforts, the institute will proudly make available soon a mobile application that, through artificial intelligence, will allow more than one to discover how the world is but a village with this tool to learn and practice another language. Learning Spanish, among other languages, through a practical and simplified method will allow Creole-speaking Haitians as well as any other person wishing to use the language of Cervantes on a daily basis, to express themselves, converse, translate, write in order to eventually obtain opportunities no matter where he or she lives.